Tired of Tights?

The airtight look of a skinny pant has had a hold on our wardrobes for what seems like forever. Yet there are signs that this vise-like grip could be slackening in favor of a looser, slouchier silhouette. There is a certain swagger in a wide leg that is really appealing right now. Even though we call it “wide leg”, the truth is that this style pant makes us look slimmer in many cases. Wear with one of the many fabulous flats out there today and look and feel comfortable and fabulous. Of course wearing a superwide pant with a flat isn’t exactly easy if you stand less than five foot five in stocking feet, but there are leg-lengthening tricks that can make all the difference. The huge perk is that you can hide your highest shoes underneath them. Keep your eyes open for some great new wide leg pants and give them a try.

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Snow Again!

Living in the Northeast has its plus and minuses but… this winter….give me a break! So much snow and cold is making me long for sunny Caribbean beaches or at least a desert oasis in the southwest! But, alas, a trip is not in the near future so I must look for alternatives….things to keep me warm at least on the inside. I’ve gotten lots of reading done, which is a good thing. Books take me to exotic places or into other lives which can be so interesting, so sad, or so inspiring. Calling some old friends and relatives that I haven’t spoken to in a long time is also on my list. Hearing from someone from the past would definitely warm me up on the inside. We can’t control the weather but we can control what happens in our minds and hearts. So warm up your insides..reach out to someone. Valentine’s Day is near..the perfect time..

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Fashion at the Grammys

I watch the Grammys and other award shows not only to see who the winners are and to enjoy the entertainment (well… some of the entertainment..) but most of all to see all the fabulous (and not so fabulous) fashion. Many of the gowns are stunning and sophisticated (Taylor Swift’s or Anna Faris’) but some leave me wondering what the designers were thinking (Katy Perry’s ??)!! I also wonder why designers think that the ‘low plunge’ neckline is so great. Even with the greatest figure, this design simply lacks class and doesn’t flatter anyone. Just my opinion. What do you think?

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Unique Style

Part of the fun of fashion is finding clothing that expresses who you are.  To me that means finding things that are both beautiful and unique but not looking like you are trying too hard to do this!  XCVI is a brand based in Los Angeles and their designs fall into this category.  One of my favorites this year is a multi-fabric top called the Atalia Scoop Neck Top.  I love the color combo of black and gray and also that you can wear this dressy or casual.

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Looking Forward to Spring 2014!

The big color trend for this spring/summer will be black and white.  Yes,  you read right, black and white and any combination of black and white. The racks will be full of crisp, classic, well tailored fashions, that are black and white.  So classy.

Naturally you’re going to see the always popular predictable pastels, and spring time vivid colors.   You’ll also be seeing more feminine lace and crocheted items.  Neon is still holding on, especially in sports clothing but you might want to experiment with a new neon handbag or shoes.

Flowy palazzos will be around with a great look and also what could be more comfortable?  However, anything  goes as far as pant style.  Do your own thing.  Wear what looks best on you.  That’s the key to being fashionable.

This spring we’ll also see whimsical prints. Designers have taken their inspiration from nature. You will see fruit, feathers, little critters, you name it !

Looking forward to good weather and great fashion!!

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Have You Tried Sun Kim?

We recently discovered a wonderful new brand made by Comfy USA and it’s called Sun Kim.  Sun Kim is very comfortable, lightweight, packable travel wear. Each piece is water repellent and weather resistant.  Their jackets come in handy when you have that in-between weather and their vests add a unique finishing touch to any ordinary outfit.    We hope you will take a look! http://www.tcboutique.com/sun-kim-north-jacket.aspx

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Our New Discovery!

In getting ready for spring and helping our customers chose some great travel clothing, we now have a new brand called Sun Kim.  This brand is manufactured by Comfy USA which we discovered last year and can’t keep up with the demand.  As with Comfy USA, Sun Kim is for women of all ages.  Their coats and jackets are extremely lightweight and water repellent and water resistant.  Check it out on http://www.tcboutique.com/sun-kim-north-jacket.aspx.

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Not Your Grandma’s Corduroy!

Way back in the ancient history of fashion, corduroy was a rough and heavy fabric.  But no more… XCVI Wearables has totally changed that.  Their corduroy is a very fine cord and relatively lightweight.  It feels and looks fabulous.  XCVI made all their popular styles in cord this fall season.   There is a foldover style, the Timber Wide Leg Palazzo, a cinch tie waist on the Scrunch Leg Cord and the all time favorite, the Willow Wide Leg Cord.  There is a style for every body type.  Check out all the great new stuff for the fabulous fall season on http://www.tcboutique.com/xcvi-wearables-clothing-pants-skirts.aspx

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Get Ready for Unique Fall Styles

Fall is always exciting to me.  As a kid, I would get hyped up getting new notebooks, new clothes, etc.  New clothes still excite me!  And this Fall season we have gorgeous color tones and very unique tops and coats on tcboutique.com.  One of our favorites is the new Sallow Zip Coat by XCVI Wearables http://www.tcboutique.com/xcvi-wearables-sallow-zip-coat.aspx.

Also coming soon will be an old time XCVI favorite, the Funnel Coat, AND a long sleeve version of the Merchantile Jacket which everyone loved and wanted in every color!  All of these one of a kind coats add just the right finishing touch to any outfit for the signature style look that we all strive for!  So, stay tuned and check the site frequently as we continually add fabulous fall fashions!

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Luna Luz Signature Style

If you are going for a unique look,  you need to take a look at the Luna Luz line.  Very feminine, very unique.  We just marked down some of their items.  Limited quantity but definitely worth a look.  Quality is top-notch.  Most of their dresses have a bodice  made of stretchable jersey.  The skirts also have a soft waistline and usually no bulky zippers or closures.  Customers have told us that their tops fit well and are not too clingy.  So their top priorities in design are both quality and comfort.

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